Content is Process, Barcoded, and then Transferred.

The first thing we do at Mayo Video is process and barcode every piece of content that you provide us to ensure it does not get lost. This is for our use, so that we do not mix your precious materials with someone else's. The final step is to transfer your photos or video's in high quality. This means that all your video content is transferred in a professional grade deck that is constantly maintained so that you don't get jumpy video. Photos are transferred on a professional flat bed scanner at at-least 400 DPI.

Everything back to you untouched!

At Mayo Video, we take pride in returning all your original content to you as if it was untouched. We will ship it back to the customers who mailed their content in and either have customers pickup or get it delivered if you live in the Manhattan area. All DVD's are labeled and secured in a hard shell like case that is clear and easy to see for your home movie library. Photos are nicely sectioned into folders on a CD.
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