Do you have old videos on VHS, Hi8 or other video formats?

Old videos are quickly deteriorating. There is a danger that part, or all, of these tapes could be lost to you forever! Whenever you play an old 8mm video or VHS tape, you lose some of the image and sound quality. Even when you are not playing your old film or tape, the quality continues to deteriorate over time. The perfect way to preserve your old videos is to transfer them into a digital format!

At Mayo Video, we use Sony's Powerful Video Decks to transfer your precious tapes.

Sony was the first company to introduce some of these tapes as well as make the video decks that digitize them. Our tape decks are maintained and cleaned periodically, so you can rest assured that the quality is the very best.

There are two basic ways to convert your tapes.

Output on DVD

Includes: 1 dvd ( Archival 100 yr. standard DVD )
  • DVD Case
  • DVD Label


Digitize to external Hard-Drive or USB Memory Stick
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