Q: Can Mayo Video discard my tapes for me?

A: All your content is returned to you in the original format. Mayo Video is not authorized to discard anyones tapes or content. We are not allowed to accept request from clients regarding discarding materials. There are many services that can recycle your tapes, Mayo Video is not one of them.

Q: Whats the difference between transferring to DVD vs. Hard Drive?

A: Mayo Video transfers your video in 2 ways. If you choose to transfer to a DVD, you will receive a "Playable" DVD. This DVD will work in any Set top DVD player or any computer with a DVD drive and software. DVD's are not meant to be uploaded online or editable file formats.

If you choose to transfer to a Hard Drive, this means that your tape will be exported to a .mov file format or any major format the client request. This option is a goof choice for people who want to upload their footage to Youtube or put it on their mobile devices. Most people select Hard Drive if they have a lot of tapes as it is easier to manage and search for your footage.

Q: How long will my order take?

A: Orders are processed the day they are receive. We process all orders according to when they we're dropped off or shipped. Typically if you have 1-5 tapes, the order may take 1-2 days. 10-20 tapes, usually 3-5 days. 50 plus tapes ( 10-20 days) 100 + ( 3 weeks or longer) You can always request a rush order if you need your tapes by a certain tape. We highly recommend to put in a rush order if you need the tape by an exact date or for legal purposes as Mayo Video cannot guarantee order without applying the rush order to your bill.

Q: Can I ship all my tapes to you?

A: Mayo Video is equipped to handle any size job.

Q: Where is the transfer completed?

A: All work is done on premises. Mayo Video never ships your content to anywhere else. We do not outsource any jobs what so ever.

Q: How many home movies will fit on a DVD?

A: 2 Hours is the max time that we fit on a DVD. Other company's might state that they can fit 4 hr. but that would be degrading your original home video.

Q: Do you repair Broken tapes?

A: Yes, if you have broken tapes, just send it in as a regular tape marked "Broken" we can fix all consumer tapes for $30 per tape.

Q: Can you transfer PAL tapes?

A: Yes, we can transfer all PAL VHS tapes.

Q: What is the difference between PAL vs NTSC?

A: NTSC is video that was shot in North America and PAL serves for video in Europe or Asia.

Q: How much time is on my film reel?

A: 3" reel (50 feet) 2-3 minutes 4" reel (100 feet) 5-6 minutes 5" reel (200 feet) 12-14 minutes 6" reel (300 feet) 19-22 minutes 7" reel (400 feet) 26-29 minutes

Q: Can I drop off without filling out a form?

A: No, all customers who drop off must fill out the drop off form. This is our way of keeping track of your content. We assign you a specific customer ID that is generated automatically when you fill out the drop off form online.

Q: Can I convert a video that I bought from Amazon or Blockbuster?

A: Mayo Video does not transfer any Copy written material unless you have license to the material and can prove that with a copy write form.

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